A Rich Mind

First: It’s a mistake to think just because experiences end doesn’t mean the pleasure they provide does.

The opposite is true, at least with intense experiences. They seem to provide more happiness than the purchase of material things.

Second: The satisfaction you have with the purchase of material goods isn’t directly related to happiness. You may feel the purchase of a house or a boat or a car was a good one. But it might not add a drop of happiness to your life.

Third: The amount of money you spend on an experience has nothing to do with the amount of happiness you draw from it. Many experiences that cost nothing can produce abundant, lifelong dividends.

To have a rich life, you need a rich mind.

And the rich mind recognizes spending money on things will not automatically add to its lifetime store of happiness. It prefers to spend money on experiences… recognizing very little money needs to be spent.
It also recognizes when money is spent on a material object, that object can bring happiness… if it’s used and enjoyed over time.

Do it yourself

We have recognized that in our present state of development it is impossible for us to get hold of and play with the moon and we therefore change our want rather than befall the fate which keeps the moon away from us.

Great wealth may be just as far away from us today, in our consciousness, as is the moon and so for the time being we change our want and use a lesser ideal towards that which we find it less difficult to develop our consciousness.

We never lose sight of the greater ideal, but with the lesser one, the one which seems entirely possible for us to accomplish. We go steadily forward, developing our consciousness with the affirmation that we have this lesser thing NOW and we find that it does not take us out of our comfort zone.

In the building of a consciousness for success, the first thing is to realize that there is an abundance success available to us right NOW. When we stop and think for a moment we know that this statement is true.
This is not the result of chance, accident, or luck; it is the normal effect of a perfectly natural law which every life uses, either intelligently or ignorantly, consciously or unconsciously, constructively or destructively; the method of using this law by each person determines its effect on the environment.

Those who are successful have recognized their oneness with the abundance of supply. They developed that recognition either inherited and so were born into an environment of abundance in this one, or else they have developed it in their life.

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